In-Line Heaters

In-Line Heaters

435kW Double-ended Fuel Oil Heaters

In-Line Heaters,  A.K.Waugh has supplied industry with heating equipment for Oils and for other process fluids for more than 80 years.

You’ll find information about our range of line heaters here :
2022 Line Heater General Catalogue
Examples Below :

    • 435kW Double-ended Fuel Oil Heaters
    • Vertical Line Heater P&H Unit for HFO
      For Water Heating
    • EX Rated Line Heaters Special Line Heater for
      For Recycled Oils Lubricating Oils

We Manufacture Oil Immersion, Oil Outflow and Oil In-Line Heaters.

Heaters are individually manufactured to suit your application, and may use several heat sources, the most popular of which is electricity. Use of Steam, Hot Water or Thermal Oil as a primary or additional energy source can be incorporated.

In-Line Heaters

EX Rated Line Heaters Special Line Heater for
For Recycled Oils Lubricating Oils

Line Heaters – Electric

Example of our Electric Heater.

Heater Installation instructions

Electric In-Line Heater for Fuel Oils, Water, Chemicals etc.

Line Heaters – Steam / Electric

P&H Unit for UHO

Example of our Combined Steam and Electric Heater.
Normally the electric system is used for boiler start-up with steam taking over when sufficient pressure (i.e. temperature) is established.

Line Heaters – Electric

Examples of our range of Electric only Line Heaters.

To specify, please advise :
Fluid type, Flow rate, Temperature rise

Above, 75kW recycled oil heater in service alongside a dryer on an aggregates site.

Below, special side exit heater for lubricating oil.

Line Heaters – Electric

Line Heaters – Instructions

  • Installation Instructions – Combined Steam / Electric Line Heaters.
  • Installation Instructions – Electric Line Heaters.
  • Special Line Heater exit for Lubricating Oils.

Special Line Heaters