Process Heating Equipment Manufacturers since 1940

a division of
Cormac Engineering Limited

Our product range is wide and varied, all custom built for your process. We can specify and manufacture practically any fluid heater rated from 100 watts to 400 kilowatts using variations of existing, tried and tested designs.

We have a global reach, from the UK to Australia and most places in between. After nearly 80 years in business there are very few countries we don’t have equipment installed in.

Our policy declaring obsolete any equipment manufactured before 1977 remains in place. We still have enquiries for equipment made many years previously and have mostly been able to help out. This policy will now roll forward so that we hold around 30 years of active data in our main database – though as before, if you have an urgent need for something made before then we will probably be able to help. We still retain many paper files.

Websites are dynamic things, so we try to improve as we go along. If you can’t see what you require just let me know and I will either add it to the website or contact you direct.

Andrew Waugh
T : 0141 440 5775
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