Spares and Other Products

Heating Elements

We manufacture and supply spare heating elements of all types for our equipment. Typically these are removable core type but we also supply rod type elements for those heaters which have removable items fitted.


We provide a range of spare thermostats for our products and those of others, comprising standard rod type, capillary type, thermocouple and PT100 types

Control Panels

Providing the link between our heater equipment and your power supply to whatever specification you require built in-house.


We supply standard mechanical Thermometers with a temperature range applicable to the process involved.

Pressure Gauges

We supply Pressure Gauges with a pressure range appropriate to the process involved.


We provide a range of pump equipment, either fully built up on a skid or spare parts to suit a number of different manufacturers equipment such as Albany, CAT and MONO


We supply a range of Pressure Sustaining/Retaining Valves and Pressure Relief Valves along with standard pipe valves

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