Dunlow heaters

Duncan Low Ltd. went out of business in 1975, however due to historical links with that business we are able to supply almost any replacement part for a “DunLow” heater, thermostats, heating elements and where practical, complete heaters.

This is a placemarker for our page on heaters manufactured by Duncan Low Ltd., of Glasgow. As a first stage here are some basic links :

Immersion Heaters COT 1 / COT 2 / CF

More to follow on the industrial range.

Please note that for reasons of price we don’t supply certain domestic items to the general public, specifically Dunlow “2” bolt heaters. These commonly have a list No. 107.

If you’re interested in these we ask that you contact Alex. Robertson Plumbing Supplies on 0141 556 3202, mentioning that you found their contact information here. Thanks.

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