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A K Waugh has a long history and you will find more information on that topic if you go to the menu.  Our product range is wide and varied, all custom built for your process. We can specify and manufacture practically any fluid heater rated from 100 watts to 400 kilowatts using variations of existing, tried and tested designs.

We are currently engaged in some very interesting projects for businesses in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere, as far afield as Antarctica. That’s pretty much as far as we go – until someone invents a need for our heaters in space – or Mars?

We are making some changes to our set-up for 2017, one of which is to declare “obsolete” any equipment manufactured before 1977. For practical reasons it’s usually no longer feasible to supply like-for-like spares for equipment of that vintage and older. (Note – it may still be possible to re-make spares but often it’s not practical or cheap.)

We are adding information to this website all the time but if you can’t see what you require just let me know.


Andrew Waugh
Managing Director
T : 0141 440 5775
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